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A game in the form of a riddle, a pantomime and a quiz, played at my mother’s 60th birthday.

design of the game: a large square picture of 1 m x 1 m, divided into 25 square pieces. Each square is a window that hides a picture. The windows open as the game goes on, following the principle of an advent calendar.

rules of the game: Every picture represents something - a concept or an object - that evokes joy to me. The designations of these notions or objects are written on folded sheets that are put together in a hat. One by one, the attending guests come and pull a piece of paper out of the hat and have to mime its content, so that the public can figure it out without a single word being uttered. When the word is found, the window is flung open, revealing the picture. The game is finished when all windows are open.
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