My projects are in line with my artistic approach of the last ten years. They are numerous and wide-ranging, as my desire of creation applies to many means of expression. Indeed it seems to me that the interaction of the artistic mediums, the bridges launched between the various art forms abolish the classical division between “noble” and “minor” arts, and constitute some of the greatest achievements of our time. For this reason I work with the same commitment on a CD cover and on the realization of a monumental stained glass window.

This is, in a broad outline, how I imagine the continuation of my work:

- To create stain glass windows for religious and civil edifices as well as for public and private buildings. Glass is employed in many contemporary architectures all over the world, but I believe that the immense possibilities of stained glass windows could be exploited still more than they are currently.

- I want to be increasingly involved in stage design, thus combining the visual arts with theatre, music, poetry and dance.

- By means of frescos, installations and performances I will participate in the renovation of neglected or dilapidated urban spaces, buildings or water towers. My aim is to improve the living space and to offer a reflection on the correlation of housing, social contingencies, aesthetics and quality of life, and to reintroduce the human element into functional design.

- To illustrate posters, CD covers, books for children and adults.

- To make video clips in order to create a dialogue between painting and music.

- To exhibit my paintings and sculptures in France, in other European countries and throughout the world. The language of pictures is universal…